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Visitor visa

Visitor visa is an opportunity for a stranger to visit Armenia and stay there during 120 days. Visitor visa enables a one time visit to Armenia. It’s a single visitor visa. Also the visitor visa enables multiple entries. It is also called multi-entry visa. Such type of visa entitles a foreign national to visit the country repeatedly. A single entry visa allows a stranger to visit Armenia one time during of visa validity. Multiple visitor visas entitle a stranger to enter freely to Armenia’s territory during the year. Visitor's visa issued to stranger wishing to attend Armenia for visiting distant relatives, travel, business purpose, medical treatment and other professional interests.

Definitely check whether the party that takes you, registered the invitation for travelers in Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Visas for the private tourist visits must be registered by Visa and the Passport Department of the Police of Armenia. Confirmations for citizens traveling to Armenia on business issues come via internet to the Armenian diplomatic missions or consular offices. Private visitors should provide the original invitation. Conditions do not apply to foreign nationals, ethnic Armenians from the proof of ethnicity, relatives of citizens of Armenia.

Place of Issue

The visa may be obtained in the diplomatic representation and consular offices of Armenia at the checkpoints on the border of Armenia (the so-called ordinary visa) or visa from the internet (the so-called electronic visa, to obtain visa you need to address at http://www.armeniaforeignministry.am/eVisa/).

Visa extension

Entrance to Armenia is allowed during the entire period of the visa. Visas for diplomatic representatives and officials you can extend in the Department of Consular Affairs (Yerevan, Republic Square, the House of Government 2, Tel. +37410-526950). Visitor visas and transit visas may be renewed in visa and passport department of Police of Armenia (13A Mashtots., Yerevan, Tel. +37410-530182). Remember no visa extension in time is regarded as an administrative offense. It causes an examination and a fee (50 000 - 100 000 Armenian Drams). The cost of renewal and transit visas for guest - 500 drams for each delayed day.

Important notes

  • If you come with any document, other than a passport, residence permit or a refugee ID card, verify you took a photocopy of the birth and exact address of location in Armenia. Individuals having the above named documents and having Armenian citizenship will not receive entrance visa. By the Law on Citizenship of Armenia this people are regarded as nationals of Armenia, and therefore they should have an actual passport of a national of Armenia;
  • For natives of the USA, Europe and Canada: 
  • If the invitation is sent by mail, applicants assume all shipping costs. Payment options can be invested paid self-addressed envelope or postal order for the amount covering the expanses’ cost. The embassy or consulate of Armenia is not being liable for any document in the case of loss by the mail service;
  • On the border’s checkpoints of Armenia visas would be not given to citizens of countries that provided for submission of an application for a visitor or transit visa with the petition of the host country;
  • At the moment, on the border’s checkpoints of Armenia visas given as follows: transit - for three days, the onetime entry visitor visa– for 21 days and for 120 days multi-entry visitor visa. E-visa holders have an opportunity to come to Armenia at all checkpoints;
  • The conditions for issuing visas and fees for their issuance are may be varied without notice recipient.

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