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It is already not a secret that people, wishing to emphasize the cultural unity and national identity, try to build a life in a special way, respecting the customs of their ancestors. Armenia has managed to maintain its spiritual wealth. Culture, religion, and centuries-old national traditions are very strictly enforced. In the modern world such concepts as the veneration of the older, the strength of the marriage, the hospitality, the breadth and strength of family ties, custom neighbor and family solidarity, long lost. Armenians strictly adhere to their traditions and do not forget them.


Wedding for Armenians is a great holiday. The ritual consists of collusion, of the engagement and, in fact, a wedding celebration. The tradition to celebrate weddings some days and nights in a row sank into Oblivion. Earlier, of course, we walked that way. Today, people try to invite a lot of guests on the modern Armenian wedding. The Godparents occupy the honorary position of witnesses. Often it is the most close and dear husband and wife (friends of the bride and groom). The Godparents are an exemplary family, serving as a positive example. It is considered, that the new unit of society would be like to them. The Godfather must necessarily present the most expensive gift to newlyweds. It is interesting, that the offering of the Armenians’ gifts to the wedding is a real ceremony. Guests, as well as relatives of the bride and groom, give fabrics, jewels and money and household items. The whole wedding ceremony is accompanied by different joyful ceremonies.

It must be mentioned that during the redemption of the bride any sum of money can be asked, and Godfather has to find it, but actually the amount is just symbolic. To the altar the bride is taken by her sponsor, and of course the Godparents bear responsibility for the family from beginning to finish. Usually after the whole ceremony the bride should to hug a boy. It means that the first boy will be born in their family. On the next morning after Armenian wedding, the groom sends the mother of his new wife basket with red apples. It is a symbol of chastity and virginity of his lady. 

The birth of children

There are a lot of children in every traditional Armenian family, especially in the provinces. The birth of every child is a great happiness, a significant event. More rejoice in the birth of a son. During the festivals of the church in front of the house, in which new member of the society was born, the music plays. The house is decorated with green branches. This symbolizes the familial continuation. The first 40 days from the moment of birth the child can be seen just by the closest people.

At the time of any joyful event ringleader celebrations touches by his hand the heads of his friends and relatives with the words " tarose kez ", which means "I give it to you". He wishes, thus, not shorter own happiness, that he has.


About the lovely hospitality of Armenians say and know all over the world. It is in Armenia tables are covered at any joyful event, when there are close people near you. The feast is organized everywhere: at home, at work and so on. At these feasts guests must drink and eat. Any refusal is regarded like negative action.

All of these great traditions are respected in Armenia for many years.


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