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Total area: : 2724 square kilometers. 
Administrative centre: the city of Ijevan.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 124 kilometers.

Tavush is situated near the border of Azerbaijan and Georgia, and it is located in the north of Armenia. Numerous mountains are the property of the region. Almost the entire territory rises to 800-1000 meters above the  sea level. Tavush is considered Armenian Switzerland, the area which is covered with a bright carpet of green vegetation on the mountain slopes and ridges. From any point there is picturesque view, not similar to anything else.

The brightest attractions of the region are hidden from prying eyes in the depth of the impenetrable forest, or so high up in the mountains, the clouds hide them under their veil. The main monuments of the region is the monastery Makaravank XI - XIII centuries., the complexes of Goshavank, founded in the XII - XIII centuries., the complex Mshavank relating to the XII century., Haghartsin XIII century., the monastery of Voskepar, founded in the VI - VII centuries., the monastic complex Nor Varagavank, acting in the XII - XIII centuries. The monastery of Haghartsin was built in XI - XIII centuries.

It is the administrative center of the Tavush region. It acquired the status of a city in 1961, so the city is rather young and developing. It was founded in the late eighteenth century. Ijevan is located in the valley of the river Tavush - Aghstev, as a small village. Its modern name it received only in 1920 (before it was the name of a Caravanserai).

Dilijan is a balneological and mountain center in Armenia. This is a large city located in coniferous forests, at a height of 1258 - 1510 meters above the  sea level, in the gorge of the Aghstev River. For people with a diseased pulmonary system, it is the best place, filled with the aroma of the coniferous trees. The quality of the air promotes healing, and works miracles with lung diseases.

Dilijan Reserve
This nature reserve is a protected natural complex, combining mineral springs, the forests and mountains, coalescing into a picturesque panorama.

Haghartsin Monastery
Haghartsin is monastery complex, relating to the monuments of the XI-XIII centuries. It is located on the road leading from the village Teghout to Dilijan over the magnificent beech forest. This monument is surrounded by mountain forests, and it is considered to be the most unusual and mysterious monastery of Armenia, and the undoubted pearl of the canyon.

Goshavank Monastery 
Complex of Goshavank (Nor-Getik) is located near the monastery of Haghartsin. In its time Goshavank placed in its walls the university, and was the center of scientific and cultural achievements of medieval Armenia.

Tavush Fortress 
Tavush fortress (Berd) is visible in the far distance, as it is built on the slope of a sharply the gorge of the Aghstev River. In the distance you can consider towers of a medieval castle, beautifully fitting to the landscape of the rocky cliff.

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