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Total area: 4540 square kilometers.
Administrative centre: the city of Kapan.
Distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 298 kilometers.

This region is the largest one in Armenia. It occupies the whole southern part of Armenia and it is notable for its magnificent nature. The Zangezur Mountain chain creates wonderful view, like nothing on the landscape.

The River Vokhdzhi, Vorotan, the Megri are the main arteries that feed the water system of the region. Vorotan is the most famous and largest river in the region, the depth of the gorge which is 800 m. "Satan's bridge", which is a creation of nature, rises above the bed of the river, and the most magnificent waterfall of the country, it forms with the river Shaki.

Kapan is a big administrative center of the region (Syunik). At the same time Kapan is the largest city in the whole south part of the country. In the 18th century there the mines started its work, which in large quantities mined copper mountain ridges Khustup.

Tatev Monastery
Tatev Monastery was founded in the IX - XIII centuries and is an outstanding monument of medieval architecture. It is built in an inaccessible area of the region, because of what not each traveler can get to it. However, you should definitely see this bright representative of the middle ages. Only the true connoisseurs of architecture monuments are able to reach this monastery.

Zorats Karer (Karahunj)
This is the most famous monument not only in this one region, but in the whole Armenia. "Zorats Karer" has hundreds of huge vertically set-meter stones with holes in the top. We also know it likes “Armenian Stonehenge”. 

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