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Wine spa

Therapy at mineral springs is also known as balneotherapy. The term “spa” is associated with such springs. Spa hotels service customer who want to drink mineral water or thermal bath. Armenia is a country that is very famous with the thermal springs. The thermal water temperature varies. For example, the temperature of water while 4 degree is at Gridzor, 83 degree is in the other city - at Sevaberd. Armenia’s most famous spas are in Jermuk, Bjni, Dilijan, Sevan, Arzni and Hrazdan. There are many spa hotels and retirement houses in these areas. Nowadays SPA tourism become more and more popular.


Jermuk is very famous places in such country like Armenia. We can tell that Jermuk is really one of the most popular resorts in Armenia First it is famous for treatment of different diseases, for example, gastroenterological diseases. This resort town is situated in the southeastern part of country on the Arpa River (2,100 m. above the sea level). Jermuk actually means “hot spring”. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, forests alpine and meadows. There you can enjoy clean, fresh air, wild flowers. What do the spa resorts offer? 

  • magneto-therapy, 
  • mud baths,
  • physiotherapy massage,
  • therapeutic massage.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver and nervous system, along with dermatological, proctologic and gynecological diseases are also treated in Jermuk.

The quality of such mineral water is really high. And it combined with the climate and unique landscape of the resort and, of course, its surroundings, have a great therapeutic impact on our human bodies. This place offers just the best combination of treatment and rest. 

So you see SPA tourism is very popular in Armenia.


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