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The Capital of modern Armenia

Have you ever thought about the fact, how many modern cities can boast that date of their birth belongs to the epoch before our era? But the capital of Armenia can do it. In 2008, Yerevan celebrated its 2790 anniversary. This ancient city even was first founded in 782 b.c., when Carthage was too young and there was not Rome on the map.

The king of Ancient Urartu Argishti gave Yerevan so rich and long life. He built the fortress Erebuni on the hill Arin-Berd, which gave the name to the city that has grown around it for hundreds kilometers. People believe that a very ancient stove, which had been found by archeologists on a hill, was evidence of the city. Cuneiform writing was deciphered. It said: "God Khaldi the greatness of Argishti, son of Menua, built this powerful fortress and installed the name for it - Erebuni". It was 2789 years ago, nearly twenty-nine years before the founding of Rome.

Yerevan became the capital of Armenia only in the XX century (1920). Up until that time, the thirteenth capital of Armenia was uncomfortable, small and devastated by earthquake and wars. In the 1930s the intensive reconstruction of it began, and since 1936 this city has got official mane Yerevan. Before that, the name was pronounced and written Erivan.

... In the picturesque Ararat valley modern Yerevan stretches on an area of 300 square kilometers. This city was built on the principle of the circle; from it streets diverge like the rays. The gorge r. Hrazdan with numerous picturesque lakes, parks and waterfalls, restaurants and cafes crosses from the north to the west of the capital of Armenia. There is a bridge through the gorge. Its name is "Akhtanak Bridge ". The panorama of the city, like any sightseeing in Yerevan, is very beautiful. From a distance many houses in Yerevan look like interesting toy as they are made of beautiful colored blocks.

There are too many tourist attractions in Yerevan. Behind the Akhtanak Bridge well-known Mesrop Mashtots starts. We are talking about the main street of Yerevan, which stretches for two kilometers. Mesrop Mashtots Avenue is a concentration of literally all the cultural city's main attractions. Here you can see the Theatre of opera and ballet, as well as the many museums and other interesting places to visit in Yerevan. The building of the Matenadaran is a real treasure house of ancient Armenian literature.

Behind the building of the Matenadaran, elevated position, in the Victory park a monument of "Mother-Armenia" is located – a monument, which depicts a woman with a sword in her hand.

Republic Square, surrounded by a ring of boulevards, in amazing way adorns the Center of the city. This square is surrounded by government buildings. The National Museum of Armenia, the Historical Museum, the Picture Gallery of Armenia, Literature and Arts Museum, the Museum of Russian Arts, the Museum of History of Yerevan the Modern Arts Museum are also situated on the Republic Square.

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