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Total area: 2,681 square kilometer.
Administrative centre: the city of Gyumri.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 115 kilometers.

The region of Shirak is situated on the border with Turkey and Georgia and covers the north-west of Armenia. In the region there is a point, which goes up to 1800-2000 meters above the sea level. The Akhurian River is the largest river in Shirak, it originates from Lake Arpi. On the basis of this river Akhuryan reservoir is established.

It is the administrative center of Shirak province. It is the 2nd largest city in Armenia. The city is located next to Akhuryan (the river) - the Gyumriget, from Gyumri has received its name. Gyumri from the east and the north flank of the mountain is located at an altitude of 1500 meters. The city is the rich heritage of Armenia.

Arichavank Monastery 
The complex of the monastery was subsidized by the 7th - 13th centuries. The material from which buildings were built makes them unusual, because for the erection of the walls huge stones of different shades and colors were used.

Marmashen Monastery 
In the X-XIII centuries the monastery was a Christian and cultural centre of medieval Armenia. It is located in the village of Marmashen, in 10 km from the city of Gyumri.

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