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Total area: 1242 square kilometers.
Administrative centre: city of Armavir.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 44 kilometers.

This area has been formed historically and it occupies part of the Ararat valley. And as you know, this is the most fertile and a large plain, which lies between mountains Ararat and Aragats. The region is a densely inhabited place of the country, despite the fact that this territory is the smallest one. The main part of the population lives in villages and is engaged in agriculture.

The City Of Armavir
Armavir is named in honor of the capital (Armenia for her old history has changed 12 capitals). Airarat Kingdom existed in the IV century b.c. when Yervandid dynasty was ruling. At the present time it is a modern, growing and thriving city.

The Town Of Ejmiadzin
It was the capital of Armenia in II - IV centuries. In antiquity, this area was occupied by the village which name was Vardkesavan.

St. Ejmiadzin Cathedral 
This is the first Christian shrine in the world, and the oldest church in Armenia, the main point of which is St. Ejmiadzin Cathed. The foundation of the temple is considered 301 of the year, when St. Gregory laid the first stone of the temple. It was the first Catholics Church.

Museum of Ejmiadzin 
The museum was opened in 1955, the three rooms of the Cathedral, which had been built here in 1869 were added for gifts and values of the applicants for the Armenian Church.

Ejmiadzin Monastery 
Buildings of this complex are considered to be the premises of the hotel, dating back to the XVIII century, the premises of the school, built in 1813, the premises of the refectory, which was founded in the XVII century, the premises for the Residence of the Catholicos - 1738-1741, the stone reservoir, created in 1846 and other buildings.

We are speaking about the residence of All Armenians Catholicos. 
The residence of the head of the this Church is situated in the courtyard of the whole complex.

Theological Academy of St. Ejmiadzin 
This Academy is also on the special monastic compound.

St. Hripsime Church 
Ejmiadzin boasts 3 more ancient monuments. If you read a legend you will know that these churches were really erected in the honor of— the first Christian women (the martyrs) who escaped from the horrible prosecutions of the Emperor from Rome.

St. Gayane Church 
This Gayane Church was built later than Saint Hripsime. In 630 the temple was erected on the site of the fourth century chapel, and till nowadays it is one of the best monuments of ancient Armenian architecture. Saint Gayane Church is a perfectly symmetrical, harmonious building.

St. Shogakat Church 
St. Shogakat Church was constructed in the 7th century (in 1694) on the site of the fourth century chapel. "Domed hall” – this how we know its original architecture.

Zvartnots Church
The temple was founded in the 7th century and is the brightest representative of medieval Armenian architecture. It is located 5 km from the Echmiadzin. However, now you can see just ruins, as the major part of ancient monuments was destroyed by the strongest earthquake in the X century.

The complex was built in honor of the victory of the Armenian people over the Turkish invaders in 1968. The Turkish conquerors passed to the offensive against the Yerevan after the capture of the village of Sardarapat and invasion in the Ararat valley in 1918. It is located in 10 km from Armavir.

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