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The region: 2117 square kilometers. 
Administrative center is Artashat.
Average distance from the city Yerevan to the city Artashat is 29 kilometers.

Ararat region extends to the borders with Turkey. It occupies the western side of Armenia. Ararat region consists of two parts - hills and plains. Near the river Razdan is plain territory. This region is populated by people arrived back in the 1830 year from Persia.

Artashat city is founded many centuries ago as a capital, and up to 370 years BC was the important center of Hellenistic civilization. It occupies the main (central) part of the Ararat’s valley. Artashat is relatively situated not far from former historic center with the named Artashat.

The Khor Virap’s complecs 
All residents of Armenia know about this ancient monument of architecture. This is very revered place for the Armenians to the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church, and the largest place of pilgrimage.

Khosrov Reserve 
The reserve was founded specifically for the entertainment and shooting Armenian nobility in eastern Ararat’s side. 

Mount Ararat 
It is a holy place for Armenians situated on Turkey’s territory. In the XIX century the Eastern Armenia joined to the Russian Empire, while the Western part of Armenia remained in the Ottoman state.

Dvin was founded in 332-338 BC by Khusraw on the south slope of Gegam range. This is an ancient Armenia’s capital.

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