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The region:
 2753 square kilometers. 
Administrative center is Ashtarak city.
Average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 18 kilometers.

The Aragatsotn region received its name from Aragats mount. This mount is the highest (4090 meters) in Armenia. Aragatsotn is surrounded by some mountains and situated directly in the western part of such country like Armenia. The territory of region Aragatsotn is nearby Turkish border. The longest river in the region is Kasagh. It has tributaries Amberd and Geharon. There is Lake Kari Leach at the Mount Aragats. This is the largest lake in the province.

Ashtarak city 
It is placed near the river Kasagh and situated in the picturesque southern part of Mount Aragats.

Mount Aragats 
Not an active volcano is the highest point of Armenia and of Transcaucasia nowadays. Extinct volcano Aragats consists of four peaks with a mountain lake in the middle. It is the most picturesque place.

The village assumed as a birthplace of Armenian’s astronomy. It is placed in one of the sides of Mount Aragats and it is 10 kilometers far from Ashtarak.

Amberd Fortress 
It is the extant medieval castle. Amberd Fortress was built on the south side of Aragats at 2300 meters. The castle was founded in X-XIII centuries. And it was a princely estate of Pahlavuni.

St. Mesrop Church in Oshakan 
The village Oshakan is located on the right side of Kasagh, six kilometers far from Ashtarak. This place is the last home of the real hero of Armenia Mashtots, who was an Armenian educator. He was the first who created a national alphabet.

Sagmosavank Monastery 
In 1215, Prince Vache Vachutyan built the church of Hagia Sion (Sion St.) The same year believed to be a point of historical reference of Samosavank.

Ohanavank Monastery
The monastery is lockated near the village of Ohanavank Karbi. It was built in St. Gregory as a small church in the first part of the IV century. It was the basis of the complex. The monastery, you can see now – it is built in XII - XIII centuries. Home Church Karapet is built in Vachutyan Vache in 1216-1221 years. The way to reach this monastery is a ladder from the gorge.

Church Karmravor 
Karmravor Church was built in the 7th century. It is preserved in its original form as the most famous landmark of Ashtarak.

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