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Total area: 3795 square kilometers.
Administrative centre: city of Vanadzor.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 112 kilometers.

The region of Lori borders with Georgia and occupies the north-east part of the country. Unusually mild climate makes this  region different from the rest. Attraction of the region is the Pushkin pass. Here, in 1828, Alexander Pushkin heading to Erzerum, witnessed the transportation of the body of the deceased in Persia Alexander Griboyedov.

It is the 3rd largest city in Armenia, it is inferior to Yerevan and Gyumri, and it is the center of the region (Lori). Unfortunately, reliable data of the time of foundation of the city do not come to us, only we known that it is in the place of the settlements, which were part of Great Armenia in the II century bc. e.

Haghpat Monastery 
The Monastery of Haghpat was built in X-XIII centuries and it is a monument of medieval culture. We were reached only the church of St. Nshan, dated 967-991 which is decorated with the interesting frescos of the XIII-XIV centuries inside and of the sculptures outside.

Sanahin Monastery 
The Monastery of Sanahin is a treasure of Armenian culture. It is located near one of the largest cities of Lori region in the village of Sanahin. In this ancient village you can find the monastery that was built in X-XIII centuries.

The temple is located to the south from the city of Alaverdi. This is a magnificent monument of VI-VII centuries that has come down to our time almost intact.

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