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Total area: 2089 square kilometers. 
Administrative centre: city of Hrazdan.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 42 kilometers.

The region of Kotayk is located in the heart of Armenia, to the north-east of Yerevan. This region is known for its natural riches, picturesque nature. One-third of the region's territory is occupied by forests. And mountain plateau, and the huge gorge, and blossoming valleys of the rivers, and the high peaks of the mountains are located on the territory of Kotayk.

It is the administrative center of the region. It grew out of the village of Nerkin Akhta and the united settlements on the other side of the river Hrazdan.

The settlement, located along the gorge Garni, a well-known fact that in his the bottom of the Azat river.

Garni Fortress 
It testifies to the pre-Christian period, bright and rich culture, which had already been in Armenia. Over the temple you can enjoy a picturesque view over the mountainous terrain and all the nearby surroundings.

This monastery is known for its rocky architecture, harmonizing the slope of the steep cliffs and it is surrounded by mighty nature. Before it can be easy to reach, but you will have to move a few kilometers along the gorge Azat.

The right way is shown by the statue of the lioness, peacefully waiting on a high pedestal. It is a pointer right direction at the turn of the road.


Tsakhkadzor in the Armenian language means the Gorge of flowers that fully discloses the nature of this place. Here you can see the mountains, the peaks which are covered with snow, the gorge of the rapid mountain rivers, steep cliffs and valleys covered with flowers. The breathtaking beauty of such place and different curative properties of the fresh air were known from the 5th century AD.

Kecharis Monastery 
This monastery is considered to be classics of the medieval architectural style of Armenia, and it combines the three churches. Kecharis in XII-XIII centuries had its own school and was the spiritual heart of Armenia. It is located on the terrace of the slope of the Pambak ridge in the north-west Tsakhkadzor.

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