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Total area: 5388 square kilometers.
Administrative centre: city of Gavar.
The average distance from Yerevan to the administrative center: 92 kilometers.

The region of Gegharkunik is located in the Geghama mountains in the eastern part of Armenia. It is the largest region. Lake of extraordinary beauty hid in the centre of the region high in the mountains. In ancient times the lake had the name of the Geghama sea, because it is situated in a quarter of the territory of the region. This is the main ornament and attraction of the Gegharkunik region.

The City of Gavar is the administrative center of the Gegharkunik region. In this place you can even see the rest of the city and the fortress of Khaldi, in the place where a modern city stands.

Lake Sevan 
There is the ancient relict lake, which is called "Geghama sea" or the "Pearl of Armenia". It is situated really very high in the mountains and also is the largest mountain reservoir in the world. Lake Sevan is housed in a mountain bowl at a height of 1900 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by ridges and mountains, in the heart of the Armenian highlands, it can be considered a miracle of nature.

Sevanavank Monastery 
It is considered to be a real monument of architecture of the early medieval architecture of Armenia. The monastery is situated on a narrow rocky peninsula in the north-western part of Sevan.

Airivank Monastery 
It refers to the monuments of architecture of IX - XII centuries. The monastery is located in the village directly on the west coast of Lake Sevan.

Noraduz Cemetery 
It is famous for the biggest cemetery of khachkars. It is located near the monastery Ayrivank, in the village under the name of Noraduz.

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