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Karabakh borrows a northeast part of the Armenian mountains. But a northwest part of territory lasts Karabakh a ridge from which to the east a number (line) of spurs branches. At east borders of area spurs are bound with Karabakh, or Muganskoj steppe (ancient Мukhank). Northern border of area passes on ridge which highest top. Gyamish- is at height of 3724 m above sea level. Spurs are replaced by deep picturesque gorges, more than 140 rivers proceeding from the west to the east and from the north on the south. Karabakh it is rich minerals and medical waters. Deposits of nonferrous metals, iron, a granite, a marble, limestone, Icelandic, coal, mineral paints are known. A climate in area as a whole moderate though at the big heights and lowlands it (he) has the expressed variable character.
So, if mid-annual temperature on area - {-18,3°С, in the coldest month (January) the temperature of air makes--1,1°С, and in hottest (July) ---25,2°С in mountain and steppe areas she(it) makes accordingly:-2 ° - 2,4°С (January) and from 19,6 ° up to 33,4°С (July). For one year on the average drops out 568 mm of deposits. Woods, rich various vegetation, borrow(occupy) 37? All territory of area. Many plants contain nutritious, medicinal, components and have wide application. " The analysis of flora results in a conclusion, - the biologist wrote In. And. Petrov, - that in an initial stage the person here has collided (faced) continuous large forests. Use of wild kinds of the vegetation having nutritious properties, it is possible to explain not only economic, but also prirodno-historical conditions ". Prirodno-climatic conditions of mountain edge (territory) - presence of woods, rich wild fruits and berries, grain and leguminous cultures, and also a rich grassy cover - favoured to development of numerous kinds of faun

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