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Wonderful Armenian cuisine is famous all over the world. There are delicious barbecue with a smoke, with a wonderful aroma; khorovatz - vegetables, which are baked on a fire; dolma, which is being prepared without oil and simply melts in the mouth ... yum. Each dish of the Armenian cuisine we know and love. What is the history of this part of Armenian culture?

The food is always cooked on the fire. For this purpose the Armenians still use the tinted windows - stove-fireplace made of clay. Crockery also is made of clay. In this furnace they prepare everything: porridge, smoked fish, poultry, vegetables, soups and even bake bread.

Meat Dishes

The Armenians call barbecue "khorovatz". Depending on how and where it is cooked, the name is changed. So, "karsi khorovats " fried on the grill. "Khazani khorovats" is cooked in a pot. "Iki-bir" is barbecue, which is made from sheep's tail fat and beef.

You can name about twenty other shish kebab. Before the preparation each kind of meat is marinated in sauce, cooked specially for it. This may be the marinade on the basis of cognac, wine, or vinegar. The process of preparation of meat to cook very complicated. It takes several steps, so meat dishes unusually tasty and quite unique.

Kyufta – Meat beat is made a special way, balls are made and they cook in the broth. Dish comes out tender. At first this meat is very finely cut, then it is discourage with the special mallet for a long period. After some time you will get a homogeneous mass, which then is mix and beat up his hands. Kyufta is made from meat, eggs, water or milk, flour, salt, browned onions, cognac and spices. The obtained mass is used to form balls, immersed in heated water and bring to a boil. Actually Kyufta is ready in 30 minutes.

Dolma is a very delicious Armenian meal which is stuffed with grape leaves. Such word like “dolma” means “stuffed” (it is a Turkish word). The filling meat is prepared from rice, ground beef, salt, onions, pepper and greens— parsley, oregano, mint and coriander. The mixture is wrapped then in fresh or salted grape leaves, after that it is cooked for nearly an hour. It is served just hot with yoghurt with garlic.

Tzhvzhik is a meal for which the beef heart, lungs, liver, add the bacon are taken. All the cut pieces are of the same size and they are fried on a frying pan, not bringing to readiness. After this we add onion, tomato puree and pepper, salt. Everything is covered with a lid and brought to readiness. The dish is served sprinkled with greens.

Baskyrtat – beef is boiled, divided into thin stripes. Then nuts and cilantro are added. The obtained mixture is covered in yoghurt.

Borani is a fried chicken with yoghurt and eggplant. 
There are also different other dishes made with fish, meat and dried fruits. 


The world's most popular traditional Armenian bread is lavash. Really is difficult to imagine the Armenian cuisine without it. In Armenia "to eat bread" is used for the designation of the concepts of "breakfast", "lunch"or "dinner ".

Technology of preparation of unleavened thin wrapper is old. It is baked in clay tonirs. The dough is kneaded from a simple flour and water. Lavash is baked on the wall of the clay oven, which is lightened with dried vine-grapes. Bread is dried and stored for a very long time. If you wish to make lavash soft, you have to sprinkle it with water and cover with for some time. In addition wrapper always eats " matnakash" - oval or round loaf of bread, and "durum" - small cheese sandwiches.

Fruits and Vegetables

Armenians are much appreciated fruits and vegetables. They are eaten raw, dried, kvass, marinated, always used in soups and main courses. Different vegetables and fruits are included in the recipes of cooking fish and meat. This allows you to achieve unusual taste.
Armenian table can not be without the various salty herbs and vegetables - zucchini, borders, eggplant and much more.

The Armenians often added in the meat soups quinces, apples, nuts, dried apricots except onion and potatoes. Prunes, cherry plum, raisins are use in mushroom soup, and kizil - in fish. Individual dishes from vegetables usually are not prepared. Meat dishes are prepared with the addition of a pumpkin, beans, eggplants, beans. In addition to the diet there are about three hundreds of wild-growing herbs and spices are included.


There are a lot of varieties of fish in the reservoirs of Armenia. They are actively used in the preparation of meals. The most frequently used are whitefish and trout that inhabit the lake Sevan. These fish species are differ gentle taste of their meat. Trout called " ishkhan" in translation - “imperial fish”. Famous “ishkhan khorovats” is prepared from it. Before grilling, all fish is greased a little and stuffed with lard.

We see that the Armenian cuisine is varied and specific in preparation of dishes, while there are habitual for us products. Probably, that is why it has won the love of the representatives of almost all countries of the world.

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